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The following guidelines and policies have been formulated in the best interest of the student and teacher relationship. It is modeled after the policies set forth by the Music Teachers Association of California and the National Guild of Piano Teachers, of which I am a member. It is hoped that you will take your music training seriously and that this policy will help us attain our objectives.

Our goal is to develop the student's full music potential with individualized instruction by providing performance opportunities, balanced repertoire, progressive technique and music theory. We are very concerned about student progress and want the time we spend together to be positive as well as fun. Please let me know of any concerns or questions you may have throughout the year.

THE PROGRAM: The School offers a year-round program of musical study. The School is open throughout the year, except for the holidays, of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Performance Opportunities are held several times a year as well as adjudication opportunies with various Music Associations. This is a very important part of the experience of taking piano lessons and learning to become a musician. Collaborating with other students and learning to perform in varied circumstances helps a student become confident and mature. We encourage regular participation from students.

THE LESSONS: Lessons will not be extended for a student who is not ready to begin on time. All scheduling changes must be worked out in advance with your teacher at Lompoc School of Music and for billing purposes, any permanent lesson day or time extension changes must be given directly to Karen Foreman. Should a teacher arrive late for a scheduled lesson, your student will receive his or her full lesson.

THE TUITION: The Music School operates year-round therefore the lesson fee is based on a monthly tuition. The tuition is payable by the last lesson of the month for the next month. It should be clearly understood that although the tuition is paid monthly, it is calculated by the number of weeks of lessons per month.

Tuition must be paid in advance and is due by the last lesson of the month prior to the lessons. Invoices will be provided to reflect additional book charges, performance registration, late fees. Your tuition payment is expected by the last lesson of the month prior, regardless of when you receive your invoice. Additional fees can be paid the first week of the month. A $10.00 late fee will be applied if your tuition payment is not received by the 5th of the month. There are no exceptions to this rule. A $25.00 fee will be added to all returned checks.

Credit is not given to a student who cannot attend his/her lesson unless a 24 hour advance notice is given to LOMPOC SCHOOL OF MUSIC either in writing or by calling the SCHOOL at 805-736-9933.

All lesson credits must be redeemed within 60 days or will be forfeited. There are NO cash refunds of lesson credits to students who discontinue music lessons. A student cannot "bank" credits with Lompoc School of Music indefinitely and then expect a cash refund if a student discontinues lessons. Credits can be given away to another family member or issued to the school as a scholarship to assist another family in making tuition payments.

When a student discontinues lessons, the teacher is to be notified by the parent(s) responsible for the payment of tuition and pay for two weeks of canceled lessons (half of one month's tuition) from the date of notification or discontinuance of lessons. All make-up lessons are forfeited.

THE REQUIREMENTS & STUDIO ENVIRONMENT: Assignments, practice, and participation in studio activities are to have the same priority as homework from school. In order to make the best progress, daily practice is a must. It is suggested that a regular time for practice be determined and set aside each day. It is the responsibility of the student to read the weekly lesson plan and meet practice goals. Parental recognition, support and encouragement are vital for continued progress and success.

If you have a question to ask, please ask at the beginning of your child's time or during. Please respect each other's lesson time. Do not interrupt someone else's lesson for any reason.

It is extremely important that students are brought to the lesson in a timely fashion. If you have the first lesson scheduled, do not expect to start early. Children should be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of their lesson time unless prior arrangements have been made. An extended fee of $10.00 per 15 minutes (or part of 15 minutes) will be assessed in the event a child is left at the school for a longer period of time. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

ILLNESSES: Students must not attend a lesson in the school when ill so as not to carry the illness to the teacher, their families, and other students. This includes: fever, sore throats, congested coughs, runny nose, pink eye, anything with a mucous discharge, diarrhea, lice. Even if your child has stopped throwing up, keep him/her home until they are eating and drinking normally, and they've had 1) NO fever for 24 hours, and 2) NO puking for at least 48 hours. If anyone else in your household is still sick, STAY HOME! If it is contagious please keep it to yourself! If you are unsure, please call prior to your lesson and I will assist you in making the determination.

THE MAKE-UP POLICY: There are NO make-up lessons given without a 24 hour advance notice given. Please be considerate! Do not ask to make-up or reschedule a lesson under any other circumstance. The time of your lesson has been reserved for you and only you. This means that this time is unavailable to any other student and we have made the commitment to instruct you at that time. Do not schedule sports activities, other lessons, or any other appointment during your scheduled lesson time.

It is necessary to call the school as soon as possible should you need to cancel or are making other arrangements. Note: A damaged finger, hand, or arm does not necessarily mean a cessation of lessons. There are many things we can concentrate on with the injured hand.

IN CONCLUSION:These policies are in accordance with the Music Teachers Association of California and the National Guild of Piano Teachers Codes of Ethics and Mission Statements. The tuition fees take into consideration that I must provide all of my insurance, retirement, social security, and continuing education costs, as well as bear the expenses of equipping and maintaining the Lompoc School of Music, providing a salary to instructors, upkeep of our instruments, music library and other equipment, books and supplies. There is at least as much time (if not more) spent in planning, study, research, scheduling, phone calls, bookkeeping and other studio related work, as in actual lesson time.

Professional music education and individualized piano instruction is our profession, our art, and our business. We wish to present and live up to the aforementioned policies, which gives us the time and financial security to devote most of our energy to the creative act of sharing music with people. We acknowledge our students' and parents' place in a three-way relationship, and pledge to do our best to make music study a rich, growing experience for our students.


Located in the Mosby Building,
601 East Ocean Ave., Suites 9

Lompoc, California, 93436

For more information call Karen C. Foreman, NCTM Director: (805) 736-9933